strscan: make it work properly
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2015-08-27 Jann Hornstrscan: make it work properly master
2015-08-27 Jann Horncommit old stuff
2015-07-14 Jann Hornadd strscan
2014-04-26 Jann Hornadd a few more tools. most useful: round.c
2014-03-27 Jann Hornadd spamnet (for spamming a network server with garbage)
2014-02-09 Jann Hornclean up a bit
2014-02-09 Jann Hornadd bigtouch (for creating maaany files)
2013-11-24 Jann Hornadd fastrecat
2013-11-24 Jann Hornadd freq_measure
2013-11-24 Jann Hornput the files in a real repo