2014-03-19 Jann Hornadd netopen_server for opening server sockets
2014-03-19 Jann Hornadd JH_ATTR_NORETURN
2013-12-10 Jann Hornadd FDIR_FOREACH (macro for iterating through directory...
2013-12-08 Jann Hornadd FOR_EACH_IN_ARRAY
2013-12-08 Jann Hornfix
2013-11-15 Jann Hornadd fopen_bistream and fnetopen
2013-11-14 Jann Hornnet.c: remove stdio for network stuff for now because...
2013-11-14 Jann Hornadd code for simple network connections
2013-11-05 Jann Hornppm: more methods, make existing one accessible
2013-11-05 Jann Hornio: write_nointr should treat count -1 as "just do...
2013-09-14 Jann Hornadd code for reading ppm files (P6 magic)
2013-09-14 Jann Hornremove outdated license header
2013-08-20 Jann Hornstring: fix – it should also still compile on SSE2...
2013-08-20 Jann Hornstring: fix, make it compile on non-SSE2 machines
2013-08-20 Jann Hornadd stuff for error-handling
2013-08-19 Jann Hornio: retry read/write on EINTR
2013-08-19 Jann Hornstring: add TPRINTF macro for constructing temporary...
2013-08-19 Jann Hornio: allow slurping files with a given size
2013-07-27 Jann Hornfix file IO: void* instead of char*
2013-07-27 Jann Hornfix base64: add terminating nullbyte
2013-07-26 Jann Hornadd some untested base64
2013-06-22 Jann Hornadd buf_to_linearray
2013-06-22 Jann Hornfix for write_file: always add O_WRONLY
2013-06-21 Jann Hornslurp_fd: add flag for creating 8-nullbytes-padded...
2013-06-18 Jann Hornadd sse2 stuff for doing stuff with certain chars in...
2013-06-18 Jann Hornadd mmap_file
2013-06-18 Jann Hornfix: use O_CLOEXEC to prevent fds from leaking through...
2013-06-18 Jann Hornoptimize code with -O3
2013-06-16 Jann Hornactually, lets just take the MIT license
2013-06-16 Jann Hornjh.h, not libjh.h
2013-06-16 Jann Hornadd license and copyright stuff
2013-06-16 Jann Horninitial commit